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Joe Strechay
Television and Film Producer, Business Consultant and Speaker

Joe Strechay sitting in dusty room, wearing a blue button up shirt. His cane is on his right shoulder.

Joe is an enthusiastic expert on disability inclusion, accessibility in the entertainment industry, blindness, disability employment and television production.

About Joe

Joe has been the lead for accessibility and inclusion for one of the largest productions in the world. He assesses accommodations for actors and background performers of all disabilities to assure access. He recruits actors with disabilities for productions around the world through his network and connections. He has advised some of the biggest filmmakers and streaming services. He combines creative with his management experience in his roles. Joe has managed a government bureau, departments in film production, a web program, granted programs and services and hundreds of staff. He instructed in blindness services in New Jersey, Florida and around the United States. He has consulted on services for people who are blind or low vision in the United States, Canada and abroad. 

Joe with Mojean Aria (Actor) dressed as Gether Bax, and Hera Hilmar (Actor) in costume as her character, Mahgra. They are standing on an outdoor set of SEE, Season 1, they are reviewing and discussing one of the scenes.

Joe did his undergraduate work at East Carolina University in Public Relations and Media. His graduate work at Florida State University was in the Visual Disabilities Program: Teaching Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired, Orientation and Mobility, and a specialty in Transition from School to Work or Postsecondary. He brings his personal experiences as a person who is blind and from the thousands of people who are blind, low vision or with other disabilities that he has instructed into his work in film and television.

Quotes from Joe’s Work

From scripts to prep to production to post, Joe brings his expertise to bear with a wonderfully collaborative and warm style, while monitoring and championing all areas of inclusivity and advocacy.  His insight, sensitivity, and positivity are highly valued by cast and crew alike, and I couldn’t imagine doing a show like See without him. “

– Jonathan Tropper; Show Runner, Executive Producer and Author

Joe Strechay has been an essential member of our producing team since day one – he has not only provided invaluable advisement and feedback on our inclusivity and accessibility efforts but has gone above and beyond to support every member of our cast and crew. Joe helped to craft and put into practice a movement training program that was vital to the creation of the characters and world of SEE and he has been an endless source of information, advice, and positivity for our actors, directors, writers and crew. We value his input as a producer and he is a crucial member of the team.”

Jenno Topping, President of Film and Television at Chernin Entertainment

Joe Strechay changed my life. It’s that simple. I met Joe during prep on a series I was producing called SEE for Apple TV+. He very quickly became my closest collaborator, my dearest friend and the best teacher to open my mind to new ways of thinking when it comes to understanding disability and inclusivity. While Joe is a game-changer in that field, he proved very quickly in the entertainment space that he could inspire with his words, his expertise and his kindness. For SEE, he was the constant for cast and crew alike to bring authenticity to a show about blindness. He was able to beautifully express his personal experience that only someone who has lived it could relay. Joe always found the words to enlighten all of us. But he also made everyone feel safe or figured out how to make them feel safe, regardless of their background or specific challenges they faced. He pushed us to be open, to be aware of others around us and most importantly, to be better. I take his lessons and his wisdom with me on everything I do.

Dan Shotz, Executive Producer of “Black Sails” for STARZ, “SEE” for Apple TV+ and “The Old Man” for FX

Television & Film Services

Joe with Jason Momoa (Actor) and Anders Edström (Director) on the set of SEE, Season 1. They stand together in the middle of a dense forest.
  • Consulting on scripts and script development around characters who are blind or low vision.
  • Assisting with the recruitment and casting of actors who are blind or low vision.
  • Consulting on television and film accessibility for studio, preparation and filming.
  • Consulting on the public relations and messaging related to film projects with blindness.
  • Assist with media training for performers, producers and public relations team around projects involving blindness.
  • Advising Producers, Directors, Art Departments, Production Designers, Set Decorators and Prop Masters on specific details for filming..
  • Assists directors and actors in blocking scenes.
  • Supervises and advises on the creation of movements of background performers.
  • Creating processes for inclusion and accessibility within a production from recruitment to casting to preparation to filming.
  • Able to move to new communities or cities, embed himself in their blindness community, recruit local performers, connect with resources and continue these relationships.

Public Speaking Services

Joe and Charlie Cox posing for a photo wearing tuxedos.
  • From a Video Store to a Producer who is Blind
  • My Employment Lessons
  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room
  • Mentorship to Opportunity and Employment
  • Taking Control of Your Employment Journey
  • Getting Job Ready
  • Learning Disability to Blindness Success
  • Joe has provided hundreds of workshops to teenagers and young adults who are blind or low vision or with other disabilities.
  • Joe has provided countless professional development sessions for professionals working in. The blindness-related fields.
  • Excels with interviews with journalists and podcast interviews.


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Joe with Mojean Aria (Actor) dressed as Gether Bax, and Hera Hilmar (Actor) in costume as her character, Mahgra. They are standing on an outdoor set of SEE, Season 1, they are reviewing and discussing one of the scenes.

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